IWNE 2011, Viña del Mar, Chile

The First US- Latino American Workshop in Neuroendocrinology was held at Hotel San Martin de Viña del Mar in Viña del Mar, Chile from August 7-10, 2011. This workshop served as a forum for stimulating scientific interactions between the US and South American neuroendocrinologists interested in steroid hormone influences on a variety of physiological and behavioral events, including development, reproduction, and energy homeostasis.

IWNE 2013, Dourado, Brazil

The Second Meeting was held at the Santa Clara Eco Resort, a rustic hotel located in the city of Dourado, within the central region of the Sao Paulo State. The Program Organizing Committee invited prominent speakers from across the world who gave 20 plenary lectures organized into five broad topics comprising recent advances in Neuroendocrinology and related disciplines.


IWNE 2015, Mendoza, Argentina

This workshop was held at University of Mendoza, located in Mendoza, the capital city of Mendoza Province, Argentina.