Transportation Information

Santiago Airport to Concón (Two options available)

  • 1st Bus (45 People Max)
    • Sunday, August 06
    • Departs at 10:00 AM (LOCAL TIME)
  • 2nd Bus (45 People Max)
    • Sunday, August 06
    • Departs at 12:00 PM (LOCAL TIME)

How to find the bus?

To locate the meeting point to catch the bus: Immediately after customs, go outside to the first saloon and walk to the left side up to the elevator. If you do not find it, we will have one student with a board with the name of the IWNE 2017.

At the time to leave, the person in charge will call the bus and escort you outside to meet the driver.


During the meeting*

The Resort has an agreement with the transportation company, CABIFY. Taxis will also be available. (Inquire at the Front desk).


Concón to Santiago Airport*

The Hotel also has a Van Service to return to the Airport. Transportation to other destinations could also be arranged at the front desk.


* Not included in registration package